Seminar on Data Stream Mining

Winter Semester 2010/2011

Dr. Rainer Gemulla
Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Michel

The seminar has moved from Thursday to Friday, 16:15-18:00.

For the schedule, see below.

Place/time of the Seminar

  • Place: Seminarraum 001, Building E1.7 (New MMCI Cluster of Excellence Building)
  • Time: Friday, 16:15-18:00 (updated)

Requirements for the Certificate

  • Attend all talks - not just your own. We will keep track of participation! If you are sick, please let us know in advance by writing a short mail.
  • Read your papers and other related literature.
  • Contact your tutor at least 3 weeks before your talk and present a brief draft of your intended talk.
  • Prepare a 45 minutes talk about your topic that introduces the matter to your fellow students. This is about twice the size of a conference talk, so there should be enough time to present some background information on the topic. Try to pick the most interesting, challenging or futuristic contribution(s) from the paper. You are very welcome to discuss any potential weaknesses or problems of the paper(s) in your talk. If you are unsure about what to present, ask your tutor. Note that, even though the conference slides of some papers are available on the Web, we expect that you prepare your own slides (which may be, of course, inspired by the original slides).
  • You must send your slides to and discuss them with your tutor by the Friday before your talk (4pm) at the latest, otherwise your talk will be cancelled (this is a hard deadline).
  • Both the slides and the presentation itself must be given in English. Otherwise, some students will not be able to follow all talks, which is one of the main purposes of the seminar. After the presentations, there will be a discussion in which all fellow students are encouraged to ask questions. We will keep track of your participation (i.e., if you ask questions) and, of course, the answers of the presenter.
  • For each talk, a second student will be preselected as an opponent. His or her role is to prepare tough questions to challenge the paper presented in the talk (not the talk itself or the speaker!). To make life a little easier, the preliminary version of the slides will be sent to the opponent on the Friday before the talk. However, as interaction is an important part of science, we expect that every participant actively participates in the discussions.
  • Two weeks after the talk, the presenter and the opponent together have to submit a short (usually not longer than 5 pages) summary of the topic of the talk. The focus of this report should be on pointing out strengths and weaknesses of the approach presented in the paper(s), not just summarizing the paper(s).
  • After your talk, there will be another meeting with your tutor and Rainer and/or Sebastian to give feedback on the talk and the report.
  • In other words: Your final grade will be influenced by the following components: Your oral presentation, the knowledge about your topic (your answers to questions after the presentation), the questions you asked as opponent, your general participation in the seminar, and your two written reports (one in the role of presenter, one in the role of opponent).

Contents of the Seminar

Recent topics on data mining over streaming data.


(changes in the order possible)